We transform the global energy model
to be 100% sustainable and renewable

Electric Sector Consulting

We analyze the market and advise
on the closing of contracts


We analyze the real consumption
in pursuit of maximum profitability for each client

Engineering and Project Development

We analyze the market, investment,
tax environments and opportunities

Oryx Power

Oryx Power develops, manages and invests in renewable energy assets in Europe, Latin America and Africa from origination to operational phase. Our strategy allows us to minimize the risks associated with the land, the development and the commercialization of assets, maximizing the value and profitability for investors.

Our business model is based on:

  • Identification and detailed analysis of connection points, going beyond the most obvious.
  • Identification and agreement of land prior to the development of the projects
  • Processing before the administration with zonal teams, prioritizing the local impact of projects
  • Optimization of capital allocation in each phase of asset investment
  • Supervision and operational and commercial monitoring of each asset

+60 years

of added experience


presence in Spain and Hispano-America

+500 MW


+15 projects


Project development

Project development

Electric Sector Consulting

  • Advice and closing of PPA contracts
  • Advice and closing of EPC contracts
  • M&A and Due Diligence
  • Market analysis and electricity regulation
  • Property engineering in development and construction projects


  • Analysis of the real consumption of each client, taking into account the characteristics of their supply.​
  • Custom installation size.​
  • Pursuit of maximum profitability for the client.
  • Savings calculation hour by hour, without using averages that distort reality.​
  • Value-add proposals in each project (displacement of consumption, shared self-consumption, etc.).

Project development

  • Analysis of the market, investment, tax environments and opportunities.
  • Identification, pre-feasibility analysis of the optimal locations close to the connection point of each project.
  • Land negotiation and agreement, servitude and interested party.
  • Management before agency of each license, permits and authorizations.
  • Closing of agreements and conventions with city halls, as well as the design of the project calendar.

Development Scheduling

  • Constitution of the specific project companies (SPV) and design of the structure of each transaction.
  • Identification of the necessary permits depending on the country where it is carried out.
  • Design of development and construction plans, definition of budgets and definition of detailed cost calendars.


  • Design and optimization of projects, adapting them to each location, terrain and technology.
  • Advice on market trends, state of the art and technological improvements.
  • Preparation of technical projects for the plants and their evacuation infrastructures, covering both technical and environmental aspects.
  • Reaching servitude agreement of passage of power lines, as well as the management of expropriation procedures.


  • Obtaining of Permits, Licenses and Authorizations necessary for the construction and commercial start-up (COD) of each project.
  • Preparation of monitoring reports.
  • Interlocution with the corresponding organizations.
  • Obtaining the necessary Permits, Licenses and Authorizations such as: Connection, Generation License, Municipal Permits and Environmental and Social License.

Asset Management

For the development of renewable projects and asset management, Oryx Power is leveraged in the implementation of innovative technologies, based on the use of natural resources.

Oryx Power promotes the change in the energy consumption model, contributing to the energy independence of consumers.

Oryx Power contributes to the sustainable development of the planet through the production of renewable energy taking advantage of safe, clean and inexhaustible natural resources.

Our growth is based on the search for innovative technology that allows the massive production of clean and sustainable energy, which represents one of the great challenges of our time.

The Oryx Power team has more than 60 years of aggregate experience in development, M&A, structuring, construction and O&M for the renewable energy sector, with more than 11 GW worldwide.

Energy optimization and self-consumption

Distributed generation, reduction of operating costs and increased profitability of investments and projects.

Development of self-consumption projects for seaports, logistics parks, industries with high energy demand, cryptocurrency mining and real estate promotions.

65% reduction in energy cost with amortization of investment in 5 years.

Optimization of energy and industrial processes through the development and engineering of self-consumption projects.

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