Ethical and Compliance

The purpose of our Ethical Code is to establish a series of ethical principles and rules that must govern the actions of all Oryx Power companies and individuals. These basic principles and values are the guidelines for all actions of the people who are part of Oryx Power and each of Oryx Power’s internal policies are derived from them.

Basic Values and Principles of Oryx Power:

Integrity, respect, loyalty, honesty, responsibility, leadership, commitment, excellence and transparency are the basic values that govern Oryx Power’s activities.

In addition, in order to effectively fight against bribery and corruption, Oryx Power has set out its commitments in this area in its Anti-Corruption Policy. We are committed to working worldwide against corruption and bribery. This Group commitment is furthermore duly reflected in our Ethical Code. This Anti-Corruption Policy provides the compliance requirements to prevent misconduct in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Regulations.

Oryx Power provides its Employees, Business Partners and Representatives with a Whistleblower Channel through which they can submit questions or report irregularities in ethics matters, accessible via web and postal mail.

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